Mediacle Affiliate Platform (MAP™) is an affiliate management platform that has been designed specifically for the online gaming industry by combining over 20 years of software development expertise and our extensive experience of managing iGaming Affiliate Marketing Programmes.

The MAP Hosted Solution enables iGaming businesses to reliably manage, optimise, and run their Affiliate Marketing Programmes.

  • Robust Affiliate Tracking Software

    Built on robust ASP. NET framework, MAP’s tracking technology is considered the best and ensures accurate tracking and reporting.

  • User-Friendly

    Designed with a simple user friendly interface that enables affiliates and admins to track and optimise their performance.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    MAP offers a comprehensive reporting suite for affiliates and admin to analyse and monitor their performance stats

  • Custom Commission Plans

    Our system offers the flexibility to offer a variety of commission plans including CPA, Revenue Share, CPL, CPC and Hybrid models.

  • Built-in Dynamic Ad-Server

    Our platform features a dynamic media server that gives you full control over your media tools and supports a variety of media formats.

  • Dedicated Account Managers

    Our dedicated account managers ensure that you have a smooth integration or migration for your affiliate programme.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Our MAP reporting tool is also available on native apps (iOS, Android and Windows) making it easy for affiliates and affiliate managers to monitor their numbers on the go!

  • Fully Customizable

    Rebrand our software as your own and customize it as you like.

  • Latest Web Technologies

    Built on latest web technologies, MAP ensures that all sales are tracked and affiliates are rewarded accurately for the sale generated.

  • Free Upgrades

    We offer free upgrade to all customers for life. That’s right, we won’t ask you to pay for new features that we add to your affiliate programme.

  • Cost Effective

    Our solution is cost effective, helping you achieve maximum ROI from your affiliate programme.

  • Multicurrency Support

    For merchants that offer deposits in multiple currencies, we offer a multi-currency support.

  • Multi-level Campaign Support

    Our system allows affiliates to run multi-level campaigns to track activities from each of their placements.

  • Full Training and Support

    Affiliate managers are provided full training and support to run and manage affiliate programme for their brands.

  • Ideal for Start ups, Whitelabels & Operators

    Our flexible approach makes our platform suitable for start-ups, whitelabels and large operators too!