What makes us different?

User Friendly Interface

Our user-friendly UI makes it easy for affiliates and merchants to run affiliate marketing campaigns.

Fully Customisable Software

Our affiliate software can be fully customised to match your branding and custom requirements.

Robust Tracking System

Built on the latest web technologies, MAP ensures that each sale is accurately tracked and attributed to affiliates.

Cost Effective

MAP is the most cost effective affiliate marketing solution that helps you earn a better ROI on your affiliate marketing spend!


Dynamic Tracking Parameters

Allows affiliates to use dynamic tracking parameters such as ‘Click IDs’ to track each placement separately.

Built-in Dynamic Ad-server

Our platform comes with a built-in dynamic ad server giving you complete control of your marketing tools.

Comprehensive Reporting Suite

Keep track of your traffic volumes, new customers, revenues, commissions and much more with our comprehensive suite of reports.

Enhanced Media Reporting

Detailed reports to help you analyse the best performing creatives and optimize your campaign to achieve best results.

Full Account Management

Manage affiliate applications, approvals, profiles from a simple user-friendly Affiliate Control Panel.

Flexible commission plans

MAP supports flexible commission plans such as CPA, Tiered Rev Share, Flat Rev share CPL and Hybrid models.


Our Clients