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Attracting iGaming customers through an affiliate program is a no brainer but managing the same can be a painful task, especially if you are managing a number which is larger than what you can count on your finger tips. Successful affiliate programs are backed by multi-purpose solutions like iGaming Whitelabel Affiliate Software which automates routine chores and provides critical information in a jiffy.

What are the features it offers?

Reporting & Analysis

Affiliate marketing entails activities outside of your owned media. Since rewards need to be commensurate with efforts, you need reliable software to trace back the source of new gamers. iGaming Whitelabel Affiliate Software enables reporting at following levels:
  • If you have multiple products, you can know your white horses. Media allocations can be revised to place larger bets on winning products.
  • In case of global organisations, it is possible to link back every product and every affiliate to a dedicated account or country manager.
  • The selection of media channels and vehicles within can also become more data driven.
  • In case of large number of affiliates, one can design variable fee structures depending on their performance as it possible to know data at sub affiliate level as well.
  • Strategy

    A bird’s eye view of various partners and their performance through a professional dashboard comes handy.
    Every affiliate can work with his dedicated login and set up sub affiliates based on permissions granted. There are provisions for automatic approvals of new affiliates as well.

  • Reward Plans & Financials

    A lot of business owners don’t like to have blanket schemes and rewards. iGaming Whitelabel Affiliate Software allows them to create one-on-one tailor made plans. If you want to incentivise your affiliate based on slabs which increase his hunger for more, you can do so using this highly customisation software. Plans can be set for specific promo periods and can be revoked as desired without any manual intervention. Besides, the complete invoicing, taxation and payment summaries can be worked out through designated modules.

  • Program Customisation

    From affiliate landing pages to their login website, everything can be designed as per your business theme. Setting up languages, payment methods, permissions, accesses and every other detail can be done at record pace, without disrupting the current business. Existing data migration can also be done smoothly with the help of dedicated account managers.

  • Target Audience

    Serving banners or de-activating them need not be a manual exercise anymore with this super software at hand.
    Designing custom banners, allocating backup banners and tracking offline codes can be done at a click. Every link on the website can be tracked to check which elements are working the most.
    Similarly, a consumer trail can be drawn to link back every click, every sale and every sign up, making performance driven affiliate programs possible.